Math Tutor Adrian

Adrian is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University, with a second upper honors. Having a great passion in mathematics, he have been giving math tuition for more than 5 years. He had taught students from many different schools, including top schools like Raffles, HCI, etc, obtaining great results with his students.

The schools include:

  • Anderson Secondary School
  • Bowen Secondary School
  • Catholic Junior College
  • CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)
  • Dunman Secondary
  • Edgefield Secondary
  • Geylang Methodist Secondary
  • Hai Sing Catholic School
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Methodist Girls’ School
  • Montfort Secondary School
  • Nan Chiau High School
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • National Junior College
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
  • Raffles Girls’ School
  • Sengkang Secondary School
  • Serangoon Garden Secondary School
  • St Andrew’s Junior College
  • St Andrew’s Secondary School
  • St Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • St Joseph’s Institution
  • Victoria Junior College
  • Xinmin Secondary School, etc…

Adrian has a dynamic teaching style, teaching students in an intuitive way that is easy for students to grasp. He places great emphasis on building the understandng of concepts as it will allow students to solve complex questions later on.



Mr Adrian is an extraordinary teacher. Apart from making students master shortcuts and tricks, he guides all his students to be able to appreciate and even love mathematics. Thanks to him, my A-math has improved from F9 to A1 in the ‘O’ levels.

– Mohamed Rizwan S/O Sahabudeen, student
St Andrew’s Secondary School

Mathematics has always been a problematic subject for me and I used to never fail at failing badly. Constantly scoring E8 for E Math and F9 for A Math. However, after taking on math tuition with Adrian, my grades improved greatly. Adrian is extremely patient and has a knack for explaining complex concepts so that they are much easier to understand. Under his guidance, I managed to score an A1 for E Math and an A2 for A Math for my GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations.

Tan Yileng, student
-Cedar Girl’s Secondary School

My son, Jing Hng, was struggling with both A Math and E Math earlier last year when he started Secondary 3. He failed both subjects terribly in his mid year exams (F9). That was a wake up call and I decided that he needed math tuition to help him cope with the subjects. After just one term of tuition, Jing Hng’s grades started to improve. At the end of Secondary 3, he scored A1 for both A Math and E Math.

Ho Mui Fong
-Mother of Chin Jing Hng
North Vista Secondary School

Adrian teaches very well. I am able to understand easily and the method he uses is really simple. He explains very clearly, ensuring that everyone are clear on how to do the questions. I have been coming here since Secondary 3. I enjoy coming to his classes as he teaches his lessons in an engaging manner. He played a great part in ensuring that I get A1 for my A Math. I have to really thank him for that. He has great knowledge on how to answer tough questions.

– T.Theepanraj, student
Dunman Secondary School

After a couple of months under Adrian’ tutoring, I have learnt a lot as his teaching style consists of many in-depth explanations. He had allowed me to fully understand difficult topics by connecting with me and pointing out my mistakes. He had used my strong points to my advantage and strengthened my weak points while teaching me. And he is also patient when I do not understand a topic. Little by little with every lesson, Adrian plays a big part in helping me unlock my potential towards Math.

Dylan Lim, student
-Anderson Secondary School

The worksheets Adrian gave us were plentiful and challenging, and notes were provided as well. I really like how Adrian is very flexible with his classes – if we had questions with regard to our own work from school, he would be all to happy to help. On top of that, he never fails to reply any queries I have about my work that I may send to him between tuition classes. Before having math tuition with Adrian, I felt unconfident in my math ability as I had difficulty answering many questions in worksheets given to us in school. With Adrian there to help and supplement my learning, I managed to learn a lot more and grasp difficult concepts. Thank you for your guidance, Adrian! You were always friendly, patient and willing to help – for that I am very grateful!

Victoria Lim, student
-CHIJ Toa Payoh

Math Tuition Schedule

Sec 1 Math


Sec 2 Math


Sec 3 Emath


Sec 3 Amath


Sec 4 Emath


Sec 4 Amath


JC 1 Math


JC 2 Math


Tuition Fees

Secondary 1 $180 / 4 lessons
Secondary 2 $180 / 4 lessons
Secondary 3/4 Emath $200 / 4 lessons
Secondary 3/4 Amath $220 / 4 lessons
JC1 $280 / 4 lessons
JC2 $280 / 4 lessons

*The above fees are quoted based on 4 lessons. If there are 5 lessons in a month, the fees will be prorated accordingly.

Contact Information

  1. Text/SMS : 91397985
  2. Email :
  3. Or you can fill up the contact form below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Teaching

What is your teaching style?

I teach each topic from scratch. First, I will start with the concepts, and working bit by bit to deepen the understanding of the topic. Many useful techniques will be taught, and students will have practices along the way. As we come to the end of the topic, students will be doing applications questions and more complex questions.

The teaching is also geared towards developing students’ thinking skills.

Are there materials provided?

Yes, I provide notes and materials that I had prepared myself.

Are there any homework?

Yes there are, but they are optional. Students can do the assignments and hand them up to be marked. It is highly encourage students to do them because it will help clarify any conceptual errors that students may not think they have. From past experience, students who complete the assignments perform very well in school.

Can students ask their own questions outside of the class?

Yes, students can whatsapp/msg me their questions, and I will provide them with solutions and explanations. I strongly encourage students to do so.

About Payment

How is payment made?

Payment is to be made on the first week of month. For example, payment for April is to be made in the first week of April.
Payment can be made using cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayNow or DBS PayLah!

About Missed Lessons

Are there any make up classes?

Yes, make-up lessons will be provided.

Other Questions

Is group tuition suitable for me/my child?

Group tuition are usually suitable for students who are motivated themselves. They are may not be scoring in exams due to not fully understanding what is being taught in their school, or they may want an additional source where they can learn more. If your child requires motivation, then one-to-one tuition may be more suitable for your child.

Why is my child not scoring well despite having math tuition?

Tuition provides the student with the resources to do well. They supplement the lessons taught in schools. Ultimately, it is the students’ efforts that will determine his/her grades.

The ‘chemistry’ between the tutor and the child also plays an important role. Students learn much faster when they trust and are willing to learn from the tutor. Finding a suitable tutor is not an easy task, but it will be a worthwhile one.